Professional Scrum Foundations (PSF)

At AdaptDev we promote the Professional Scrum Foundation course as preparation for the Professional Scrum Master level I (PSM I) certification. The exercises and content in the PSF course suit the requirements of the PSM I level certification indicating a common understanding and language of Scrum.

Course Details

The Professional Scrum Foundations is a 2 day course that teaches Scrum in a highly practical way. Students hit the ground running through instruction and team-based exercises that will see them working together in a series of Sprints to build a software application, thereby facing real-life problems. The Mechanics, Roles, Principles and Process of Scrum are demonstrated, and Common missteps are exposed and discussed.

Working in a series of Sprints, teams of students build a software application, thereby facing real-life problems. The mechanics, roles, principles and (empirical) process of Scrum are demonstrated. Common missteps and misunderstandings are discussed so students grow a higher awareness of their symptoms.

The Professional Scrum Foundations is an exceptional training course that provides the foundation of Scrum knowledge needed for role-focused training for Product Owners, Scrum Masters and Developers. It is the perfect introduction, reboot or refresher to Scrum.

Professional Scrum Foundations

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The class introduces the mechanics of Scrum, as well as provides insights into complexity, team-based collaboration and self-organization as essential elements in mastering Scrum. Students will experience how the Scrum framework improves product development efforts. selects only the most qualified instructors to deliver this course. maintains the defined curriculum and materials to assure consistency and quality for students worldwide.

Course Topics:

  • Fundamentals of Scrum
  • The Scrum Framework (part 1 and part 2)
  • Mastering Scrum
  • Planning with Scrum
  • Getting started
  • Keeping Scrum healthy


Students are challenged to act in terms of Scrum. They take home an increased understanding of how to collaborate better and work as a team.

  • Students will have a clear understanding of the mechanics of Scrum and their coherence
  • Students will learn how to use visual information radiators
  • Students leave the class with a handful of tips to identify common pitfalls and dysfunctions
  • Students can take part of a Scrum Team and effectively deliver valuable software


Students make the most of the class if they:


Assessment and certification

The Professional Scrum Foundations course has the Professional Scrum Master level I (PSM I) as associated credential. All participants completing the Professional Scrum Foundation course receive a password to take the PSM I assessment. This industry-recognized certification requires a minimum passing score on the associated assessment. maintains a public list with everyone holding a PSM I credential. Microsoft uses the PSM I assessment to validate knowledge as part of its Silver and Gold Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) competencies.

If you need more information, check out following options: Check out the PSF course description on the website.

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